landscape fireAs humans, we can survive without food for approximately four to six weeks, we can even survive without water for between two and seven days, without air for about three minutes but if we don’t have our inner fire, our spirit, we cannot survive at all. Nina (fire) is the last element we connect and work with on our workshops but the most essential.

Nina is our passion, our daring, our ability to move forward and strive, push our limitations, try the new and forge the unknown, it is our courage. Nina helps us to see our true beauty, our true essence, our soul and reminds us why we love being alive!

Like everything there is always the duality and Nina also represents the heavier emotions, like anger, hatred, rage, jealousy. As we start to release these emotions we start to connect to our true essence, we are able to access love for ourselves so much more easily.

Connecting and activating our internal fire, is, as with all the other elements, accomplished with the help of the external element. The sun (Inti) is the most dominant form of fire in our world, but the use of flame in any capacity can be as effective, from a bonfire to a candle flame. By opening our heart, or energy fields to this element we can access limitless energy, or by simply meditating with it we can burn away our fears and limitations.

It is a powerful masculine element which should be handled with respect and consciousness.