Inti and Pachamama

landscape valleyInti is the Quechua name for the Sun and is therefore highly respected, as the Sun gives us warmth, light, nourishing our bodies with vitamin D and supplies the plants minerals. In the Andean tradition Inti, like Pachamama and all of creation, is perceived as living consciousness and vital to the sustenance of life of this planet both physically and energetically, not only feeding our physical bodies but also supplying the necessary frequencies to help sustain us spiritually.

Legend has it that Inti is the son of Wirrachoca (the Creator). Inti, taught his son Manco Capac and his daughter Mama Ocollo, the development of civilasation. Inti instructed them to come to earth and share this knowledge. Manco Capac with this knowledge and a golden staff founded the Incan Empire, and its seat of power as the city of Cuzco. Inti was also known as Apu Punchau, which means leader of the daytime. Inti is represented as a golden disk with a face on it. A great golden disk representing Inti was captured by the Spanish conquistadors in the late 1500 hundreds and was sent to the Pope via Spain. It has never been recovered subsequently.

Inti Raymi is a festival which is a celebration of Inti. It is held every year in Cuzco and attracts hundreds of people, where a re-enactment of the court of the Inca takes place. It is also celebrated in other parts of Peru, and the world, where the Andean tradition is practised, in a much simpler and more spiritual way, capturing the first rays of the sun through ones heart. Inti Raymi means resurrection of the sun or way/path of the sun. It is held on the 21st or 22nd of June, at the time when the sun is at its most distant from the southern hemisphere, during the winter solstice. The celebration is an honouring of Inti as way of inviting him back to warm us once again.