The Andean Prophecies

portrait wallLike the Mayans, the Incas left behind them a prophecy for the future. These prophecies were made more than 800 years ago by the Inca Pachacutec, who was both a leader and a visionary, a political figure and a priest. Pachacutec was a healer of great power, who healed through touch and who was illuminated from within, making him visible in daylight and the night. He was Master and leader of the four Tiwantinsuyos (sections or areas) of the Incan empire. He prophesised many things for humanity and the Earth and his prophesies were recorded in the “cutochs” or knots in woven tapestries.

The prophecies are based on a time line with segments of 500 years known as the Pachacuti. Pachacuti means to flip time (“What was - is no longer and what was not - now is”) between the end and the beginning of each pachacuti is a period of 30 years. This 30 year time period is a time of immense change for humanity and the Earth, like the narrowing of a river, during which much debris becomes stuck and stays behind while the river continues to flow into a wider river bed again, expanding and flowing freely, liberated of its debris. We are currently living in one of the 30 year time periods which will come to an end in the year 2012. From that time we enter into the 10th Pachacuti – the next 500 year cycle. 800 years ago when making these prophecies Pachacuti saw an end to the Inca Empire – a time of dark depression was how it was described – at the close of the 8th 500 year cycle. During these 30 year periods there is much suffering but calm and transformation is the end result. These cycles express the long journey of evolution on which all human beings find themselves, consciously or not.

The era that transpires for humanity from 2012 is called the Taripaypacha and is an era of immense growth, a time during which we will reach Ille Tisci Wiracocha (God). From 2012 our relationship to time and space will start to change. We, Earth and her inhabitants, enter into a new cycle with the rest of the universe. These changes that were prophesised are seen as happening gradually, over many years. They include prophecies which can be translated into the current climatic changes that we are seeing due to Global Warming, they speak of the dominant cultural influences on the planet and the shifts that will take place in these influences, they refer to technological advancement, the expansion of human consciousness and with that the activation of the heart energy in humanity, amongst things. Indeed Pachacutec was a visionary of greatness as much of what was recorded is today becoming a reality.