The Elements


landscape condorTake a moment to inhale the air around you, you will become calmer, your mind will settle and you will be better able to focus. This is the power of the air element. Wyra (wind) is the magical element that purifies your mental body.

We might forgo from eating for a while or stay thirsty for a short period but we can endure just a few minutes failing to breathe air. When blended with blood (Water element) the air purifies, allowing our physical life to last longer (thereby helping the Earth element) and together with the fire (temperature) the air thrusts us forward enhancing our awareness. The air through its elementary beings brings about wind, twister, refreshing breezes among others.

Whenever we feel the wind, let’s become the wind and join it to travel far away to higher and purer regions.

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landscape valley

Pachamama or mother earth is all powerful and very beautiful, with her lush forests, deep valleys, and her colourful smile that we receive daily through the flowers that she provides.

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landscape fireAs humans, we can survive without food for approximately four to six weeks, we can even survive without water for between two and seven days, without air for about three minutes but if we don’t have our inner fire, our spirit, we cannot survive at all. Nina (fire) is the last element we connect and work with on our workshops but the most essential.

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landscape peru landscapeUna Mama has the power to teach us to flow, she demonstrates this in the way that she moves through and around everything, not allowing obstacles to hinder her. As fluid and as gentle as she is, she has great strength and dominates 70% of our earth. Una Mama teaches us to be silent, still, and to go within.


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