landscape condorTake a moment to inhale the air around you, you will become calmer, your mind will settle and you will be better able to focus. This is the power of the air element. Wyra (wind) is the magical element that purifies your mental body.

We might forgo from eating for a while or stay thirsty for a short period but we can endure just a few minutes failing to breathe air. When blended with blood (Water element) the air purifies, allowing our physical life to last longer (thereby helping the Earth element) and together with the fire (temperature) the air thrusts us forward enhancing our awareness. The air through its elementary beings brings about wind, twister, refreshing breezes among others.

Whenever we feel the wind, let’s become the wind and join it to travel far away to higher and purer regions.

Pachamama (earth) lovingly takes away the density in our physical bodies, Unu mama (water) washes away the sorrows that we carry in our emotional bodies, and it is Wyra who gentle brushes up against us, whispering in our ears and clearing our minds of all those thoughts that we keep on regurgitating. Wyra brings us one step closer to accessing the 5th element of love.

Air is the masculine element that governs not only our thoughts but also our intellect, our knowledge and our wisdom. It makes possible all forms of communication from speech to telepathy. The elementals associated with air are the sylphs, and it is through them that we transmit an external expression of our thoughts, our ideas and our words.

Air, like all other elements, needs to be held in balance with the opposing element. Too much air and we would be unable to concentrate, focus or communicate well, we would become ungrounded and “airy”. A lack of air leaves us feeling heavy, unable to think, uninspired and bored.

As you start to connect to air and you start to feel his gentle breeze against your check and start inhaling him, he fills your lungs and in doing so, he reminds you of how wonderful it is to be alive, to breathe, and the power of breath is the power of air in movement, Wyra.