landscape valley

Pachamama or mother earth is all powerful and very beautiful, with her lush forests, deep valleys, and her colourful smile that we receive daily through the flowers that she provides.

Through the mountains and rocks with all there stature and strength, she truly reminds us how much we are loved and supported.Pachamama cleanses us from all our heavy and dense energy, and is able to transmute it for us.We work with this element when we want our physical and material needs to be manifested.

As you work with this element, giving her all the heaviness in you, Pachamama will restore you, giving back light and strength.This in turn helps you to start to shift all those blockages in your physical reality - getting that job, financial success, health, relationships, etc.There are a number of ways to do this as the Earth presents various tools for us to work with, Crystals would be a prime example.

Take the time to sit on the grass or better yet lie on the grass and direct your awareness to the Pachamama. Talk to her, tell her all your worries and concerns, fears and hopes, give her everything inside you. She will respond immediately.

Another practice is that of connecting to the trees, you will never receive a more loving embrace than that of a tree. Rocks contain the wisdom of the ages, and through conscious connection to them we are able to tap into this. Through these practices you will feel lighter; they are simple, powerful and extremely effective.