landscape dancingThe Andean Tradition, like many other ancient traditions and wisdom schools of days past, still offers an initiation process. There is no pre determined criteria for engaging on the path of initiation other than the desire and will to undertake it. It not only offers a deeper understanding and exposure to the practices of the tradition but also is a vehicle for the expedited expansion of consciousness, with the ultimate destination being enlightenment.
There are different levels of initiations in the tradition and they are as follows:

1st Level Initiation:(The Pacqo or spiritual seeker) At this level one receives the beginnings of the Messa (power or medicine pack), and undergoes a re-birthing process into the balance of the four elements.

2nd Level Initiation:(The Pampa Misayoq) This is the beginning of priesthood and because the emphasis is on service to humanity, the priest is empowered to perform ceremony for community. 3rd Level Initiation is split into 3 different initiations, which are the 3 stages of mastery:
3.1 Initiation:(The Ayllu Alto Misayoq) This initiation takes place in Peru at several sacred power sites. The young master begins their journey with the active participation of the Apus (spirits of the mountains).

3.2 Initiation:(The Llagta Alto Misayoq) At this level the master takes the leap into their own humanness, and a mastering of their own shadow It is a process of death and re-birth of self at a profound level and includes a clearing through all previous life times, as well as the current one.

3.3 Initiation: (The Suyu Llagte Alto Misayoq). At this level the master learns to walk between dimensions – the spiritual and the physical.

4th level Initiation: (The Kuraq Akullaq). This is the final initiation that is currently available on the planet – there are others but they are prophecies at this time, expected to manifest as humanity grows in light and consciousness. This initiation brings the full power of the four Tiwanti Suyus (the four corners of the globe).

The prophesized levels of initiation are:
Malku Inca: It is said that a priest at this level will heal simply through a touch of their hand. This priest will be able to re-order and re-balance the physical body, but also the minds and will of people.

Sapa Inca: It is said of the Sapa Inka that they will have so much energy that their auric body will be luminous day and night to the observer. They will heal bodies, and the consciousness of humanity. This priest will have the capacity to drive the will and love of humanity as a group.

Tai Tantjies: This being will reign in the world in absolute love. It is said that this is the manifestation of God consciousness on our planet. There are a number of tools – in healing, divination, energy management, ceremony etc – that are taught throughout the path of initiation, each appropriate to the levels of power and consciousness of the initiation itself.

These initiations are a direct, powerful and beautiful way to rid our selves of all those limiting issues, patterns and beliefs.Through these initiations you can become that person of balanced power, love and light, you are the master – first of yourself and your own energy and then of the environment, and the group consciousnesses.